Client Stories

Mitch Ward

I started working with Nathan after competing in my first body building show, previous to that I had followed Nathan on social media for a long period of time. It was clear to me that Nathan wasn’t just an incredible body builder with a passion for the sport that I could relate too, but I could also see the passion he had for helping others succeed and achieve their dreams. I started working with Nathan for these reasons and from day one he has been incredible! A coach that you can rely on to not just tell you what to do but to help you gain knowledge, a coach that will pick you up when your feeling unmotivated, ultimately exactly as I thought...a coach that cares for his clients.

I’ve now been working with Nath for nearly 2 years and in that time my progress has been amazing, i went from not placing in my first competition to moving into a different class and with Nathans guidance and help in my second show with him as my coach I placed 3rd and received an invite to the British finals! It shows you something when your coach is on holiday with his family during your peak week and is still messaging you and checking in on you every single morning without fail, before you even have a chance to message him first! Nathan was at the show, the day after getting back from his holiday, making sure I was ok and reassuring me. It meant everything to me that he was there along with the placing that I received and from Nathans reaction I know it did to him too.

I can’t thank Nathan enough for everything we have achieved together and I’m confident we will keep achieving together in the future!