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Personal Training & Online Coaching by Nathan Barnes

As a successful physique competitor with a wealth of training experience totalling almost 20 years and with almost a decade of coaching experience, I’ve established myself as one of the leading trainers in the area when it comes to body composition overhauls and transforming ordinary people with extraordinary results.

My career as a trainer started in 2013 & since then I’ve worked in multiple gyms in the Essex area helping 100’s of clients achieve results both physically and mentally that they never thought possible.

My personal journey in fitness has led me to become a competitive physique athlete winning numerous competitions in the men’s physique and bodybuilding categories under the ‘United Kingdom Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation’ as well as competing abroad achieving a top 10 placing at the Arnold Classic in Barcelona.

Personally for me, training has had a hugely positive influence in my life, helping me overcome a past period of depression which led to me choosing my career path and igniting my passion to teach and help others improve their lives both physically and mentally through training.

What Keeps Me Motivated?

I often get asked why I’ve stayed in the industry so long and for me the answer is simple...

  • Hearing that a client is now able to play in the park with their children because they’ve changed their lifestyle...
  • Helping a client stand on stage and fulfill a dream of being awarded a trophy for their physique.
  • Getting a message from a client thanking me for helping them to vastly improve their mental health and well-being through improving their self confidence..
  • Reading a note from a client’s doctor stating how their life expectancy has improved and their need for medication reduced because they’ve learnt how to make better choices.
  • Getting a client into the shape of their life, helping them to achieve a physique fit for the cover of a magazine that they never thought possible.
  • Improving a clients body image so that they’re able to fit comfortably into their wedding dress or stand on the beach in swim wear in confidence.

Motivation for me, is a two-way street, receiving these kinds of statements from clients only goes on to fuel my passion for sharing fitness futher and gives me purpose in the job that I do. My clients results and positive progress really are my number one priority!